A Project Management Office defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. It strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.


A PMO specializes in improving the management of your portfolio. Project Manager Officers have management skills needed to ensure that projects from all units of the organization run with the best management practices in order to secure a project investment. Often times new functional unit managers find themselves promoted for having applied their expertise in their functional unit with impact. But this doesn’t mean that they know how to manage a project. By allowing your functional units managers to team up with a PMO is setting them as well as your organization up for success.



Deploy a New PMO

PM Advisors will assess your current environment and recommend whether or not setting up a centralized PMO makes sense for your business. If it does, then we will develop a deployment roadmap incorporating your organization’s culture and operating practices. We will work with you to identify, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental PMO functions and services. Deployment includes establishing governance standards, developing the PMO Charter and communications plan, identifying resource needs and performance measures, incorporating the right amount of repeatable delivery processes to fit your culture, and improving the competencies of your staff through training and mentoring.

Operate a PMO

If project management is not a core competency, consider outsourcing the PMO. PM Advisors work in partnership with you to understand your goals and establish a operational team that will achieve them. Constant communication, incorporating organizational change management, are keys to a modern PMO operating model. We hold ourselves accountable through quality and performance reviews.

Enhance an Existing PMO

PMOs are consistently being challenged to provide additional value to their organizations. To meet business demands, projects must be completed faster and cheaper. The business wants more transparency and they look to the PMO to optimize project resources. We can help your organization rise to the challenge.

To take your PMO to the next level, PM Advisors will first review and evaluate your existing PMO structure, and provide recommendations targeted to enhance it. We will develop a transformational roadmap, identifying areas of opportunity, and will collaboratively work with you create an implementation plan for deployment. Common areas of focus for this type of transformation may include enhanced visibility, level of PM competency evaluation, portfolio resource optimization in balance with shared operational resources, and facilitating organizational change. PMOs offering this level of service govern with a senior management focus on strategic issues and facilitate change across the organization.